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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Plastering Guide at Amazon and on kindle ebook

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 I have been plastering for 18 years now. It’s an incredible skill that gives you great rewards quickly, by rewards I mean that good feeling you get when you do something that seems impossible but somehow you achieved it anyway. Just like the feeling I had when I made my first website, you can find more about Stuart and Rosie Plasterers and everything in this book at www.stuartrosieplasterers.com
We also have videos on YouTube you can watch them here – Stuart Rosie Plasterers YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaIyXB-zuZT0yqEc5QgN1mg
           Table of Contents
Introduction – 3
Common Plastering Situations – 5
Over Skim – 7
Preparing your walls for finish plaster covering brick block or concrete- 12
Tools required for most plastering tasks – 14
Holes in hollow walls – 16
New plasterboard already Installed – 17
Plastering Ceilings – 18
Plasterboarding stud work / timber framing – 20
Basecoat Plaster vs Plaster Board – 23
Hollow or Blown Plaster – 28
PlasterBoard and BaseCoat used together – 29
Plastering Instructions – 31
Angle Beads - 34

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