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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Plastering, Browning, Bondingcoat, hardwall video

Plastering Brick walls with Bonding Coat or Hardwall or Browning

techniques using straight edge to level the patch with the existing wall plaster

Full Guide and Videos can be found at wwwstuartrosieplasterers.com

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Plastering Cost Estimates 2017

Plastering Costs

These are estimates as of 2017 from Stuart Rosie Plasterers, quote estimates are based on plans and no visits to location, i have thought about best case scenario and worst case scenario in your most common plastering situations in your homes.

Things to consider before commencing plastering work, have your electrics, carpentry, plumbing and any changes to the building done or at least planned and set in stone, adjustment costs on a project are the sneakiest and biggest profit killers

Have all labour intensive jobs, i.e. wallpaper stripping/ Removing tiles or old plasterboard is done by a cheap labour force and don’t pay qualified (expensive per hour) people to do simple and time consuming tasks

Condition Scale: (wallpaper has to be stripped before new plaster is applied, and wallpaper stripping can sometimes take ages so you don’t want to be paying professional prices to wall paper strip, i suggest finding a cheap labour force or friends and family to help strip paper off walls) Also! Don’t wallpaper strip until you have removed all old loose plaster, we have made that mistake before, big waste of time, some ceilings are worth plasterboarding over too instead of stripping the paper off especially if the old plaster on the ceiling has diagonal and random cracks anyway then it might benefit from plasterboard or coming down completely.

1 =  plaster falling off everywhere, all walls and ceilings need old plaster material removing back to brickwork or stud work, although expensive this will give the house plaster another good 30 years plus

 2= same as 1 for the exception of  the ceilings do not need removing however they do need an over scim for the new look

3= none of the old plaster needs removing but everywhere needs an over scim for the new look

Prices do not include Wallpaper stripping!

Reception Room - 1= £1100- £1300
                               2= £850-£1100
                               3= £400-£550

Kitchen -                 1= £900-£1100
                                2= £750-£900
                                3= £350-£500

Hall way/stairs/landing               1= £1300-£1500
                                                   2= £1000-£1200
                                                   3= £500-£700

Bedroom 2                                1 = £850- £1000
                                                  2= £700- £800
                                                  3= £300-£400

hopefully you can use these figures to work out cost of other areas or circumstances